Incorporating AI into Telehealth

Tonya Hall: I’m Tonya Hall and joining me is Evan Kohn, Chief Business Officer at Pypestream. Welcome, Evan. Evan Kohn: Hi Tonya, thanks for having me. TH: Of course. Tell us, what does Pypestream do? EK: Well, Pypestreams’ an all-in-one cloud messaging platform that...

Automation and the “New Normal”

The coronavirus pandemic may dramatically shift the way we live and work. How will automation factor into our new normal post-pandemic? Here are three distinct areas predicted to be impacted. One: Agriculture Recent examples of agricultural plants closing have brought...

The Impact of AI on Coronavirus

Coronavirus presents complex problems for a variety of industries. How can artificial intelligence be harnessed to address these problems? One: Big data analysis Vir Biotechnology has developed AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast data sets to predict...

5G Won’t Save Customer Experience

Fresh off last month's CES, there's a lot of talk about 5G again. In 2019, the word on the street was that the concept was compelling but that the reality was lacking. This year, everyone agrees that the reality has started to come into focus, particularly as it...

Five Ingredients for Successful NLU

Too many businesses have implemented AI “pilots to nowhere”. Many lack a comprehensive approach to natural language understanding (NLU). And with customer-facing AI, customer experience is just too important to deliver only half solutions. So what are the key...

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