Data Is King But Not Yet For Everyone

When I started in marketing over 50 years ago, all we had to drive sales and reach consumers were mass marketing devices like TV ads, promotions and shelf wobblers. We, marketers, knew virtually nothing about our customers. Now, there is a wealth of data available and...

Chatbots Aren’t Dead… But I Wish They Were

Around two years ago, the term chatbot shot into our vocabulary and onto CIO and CMO’s agendas everywhere. The idea that a customer could simply “chat” with a robot anytime, anywhere made so much sense -- or did it? You see, any technology solution or product...

How to Exceed Customer Expectations

So much is said these days about enhancing the customer experience, “delighting” customers and delivering customer service that goes “above and beyond.” For large enterprises, particularly in the insurance industry, this focus on customer experience is fast becoming a...

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