Recruiting is the #1 problem in the entire economy today. Trucking companies are struggling to recruit drivers, restaurants to recruit servers, hospitals to recruit nurses, and so on throughout every industry. For that matter, contact centers are struggling to recruit agents, leading to the Customer Care Crisis I diagnosed in the Humane Customer Care whitepaper.

We at Pypestream are here to do our part! A growing number of our customers are using their Pypes as Digital Recruiting Assistants. These Digital Recruiting Assistants are an essential component in a Digital Recruiting Machine, i.e., the combination of a Digital Recruiting Assistant and a QR-code based recruitment advertising campaign.

Digital Recruiting Machine

The results from such a Digital Recruiting Machine are eye popping. Thousands of qualified candidates attracted and interviews scheduled, followed by 50% conversion rate of interviews to offers, all without a single cold call or reduction in qualification requirements. Eye popping!

One TA Director calls it a Passive Candidate Recruiting Machine. Of course recruiting passive candidates is the name of the game for recruiters. So a Passive Candidate Recruiting Machine is recruiter nirvana, the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine that any recruiting executive could possibly imagine.

One critical success factor in all this is the awe inspiring candidate experience delivered by the Pype, aka the Digital Recruiting Assistant. Candidates flow smoothly from QR code to Pype, in which they easily upload their certifications or other documentation, and schedule their interview. As an exultant TA Director told me: “Pypestream removed friction from the candidate experience. That’s huge.”

Learn more about how you can get a Candidate Recruiting Machine working for you at the Pypestream Digital Recruiting Assistant page.