Every module needed for building & optimizing conversational solutions


Respond with empathy using AI

Solve your customers’ problems faster by knowing their intent. Dovetail uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to classify the nature of a customer’s statement and identify their tone, sentiment, and even emojis. With this higher level of emotional understanding, Dovetail can automatically respond to your customers’ inquiries with empathy, sounding more human and less robotic. Furthermore, it can handle multiple languages, making your business better able to serve a diverse customer base.


Automation Engine

Connect your backend systems with a few clicks

Reading and writing to backend business systems is a critical step in automation. As Pypestream’s serverless integration layer, Automation Engine allows deep and functional integrations into a variety of back-end systems, both in-house and 3rd party. Automation Engine is Soap, JSON, XML, and Rest API capable and can even utilize RPA technology for legacy systems.

Engagement Studio

Microapp Builder

Engagement Studio is a no-code/low-code, visual editor used to rapidly build and deploy the microapps that drive engagement in a Pype and other channels. It features a palette of rich-media widgets, real-time previews and an intuitive interface.

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The Pypestream Difference

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Engagement Analytics

Continuous improvement with actionable insights

The Engagement Analytics module allows you to analyze and understand every element of a customer interaction on the Pypestream platform. It includes a variety of tools that help you see what customers are doing from start to finish and easily identify areas for improvement and optimization.

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